Good to Know

Everyday Health Care Expenses Add Up Quickly

Your health coverage could almost pay for itself on everyday costs alone. Your personal health and dental plan premiums may also be tax deductible.

Example of annual costs for a family with two children:

Two eye exams $160 A personal health insurance plan covers everyday medical expenses and insures against future risk which could be financially devastating.
Contacts $300
Physiotherapy $328
Moulded Arch supports $225
Massage therapy $100
Blood pressure medication $245
Three antibiotics $180
Four dental cleanings $460
Two fillings $260
One root canal $560
Travel Ins. for four $118

Total annual expenses


What People are Saying

Bedford South Dentistry

MacLellan and Moffatt Health Insurance provided me and my entire staff with health insurance. I found the service to be quick, easy and competitive. Dan MacLellan went above and beyond his call of duty to make things seamless for us. His rates were extremely competitive and the customer service was second to none. I highly recommend MacLellan and Moffatt Health Insurance and wouldn't hesitate to purchase additional services in the future.
- Dr. Natalie Brothers, Bedford

Hood & Fraser

From our first meeting, Dan MacLellan explained the value in taking out health care insurance at a young age, while in good health, and I am thankful he did. Dan places his clients best interest ahead of all else, he strives to balance his clients health insurance needs against the cost of coverage. Dan takes an objective and honest approach, I truly believe he has done for me, as he would for his own family. I am very pleased to have Dan as my "go to guy", he is always available for a chat on my situation. - Matthew Fraser, LL.B, Yarmouth

Mer Et Soliel

MacLellan and Moffatt has provided my families health insurance for the past 7 years. I feel a great level of comfort and trust with this company. They are always available for any questions and concerns I may have. Ultimately they provide great service in a timely manner. - Mark Reynolds, Co-Owner

Dr. John Cook

As a retired dentist, my wife and I have been with Medavie Blue Cross through Maureen Newman at MacLellan & Moffatt for a number of years now. Maureen has been very helpful and has assisted us in developing our health coverage for a variety of circumstances. - Dr. John Cook, Truro