Common Questions about Medical Insurance

Common Questions about Medical Insurance

I’m healthy, why should I invest in medical insurance now?

I understand the need for health insurance – rising costs of medications and my risk of illness or injury – but why do I need medical coverage now? I am in good health.

Unlike a group employer sponsored health plan, an individual health plan is medically underwritten, meaning a health questionnaire is required. Any pre-existing conditions will not be covered.

Apply for medical insurance now while you are in good health.

Do I qualify for medical insurance?

Everyone’s situation is unique, you may qualify and your spouse or children may not depending on their prior health history.

Pre-existing conditions will not be covered, but they may not disqualify you from the plan entirely. Contact our office to discuss your unique situation.

What does a health plan cover? What are the benefits?

A personal health plan can be tailored to your specific needs and price range, depending on your prior health history, family demographics and individual needs, MacLellan & Moffatt Health Insurance can help you create a plan that is right for you.

Prescription medication, travel insurance, massage, and dental coverage along with semi-private hospital accommodation are key components of these plans. Learn more about the products we offer.

Can I afford the health coverage? What does it cost?

Health plans can be tailored to your specific needs and price range. Pricing is based on different age ranges, plan benefits and family demographics. For example, a family of 4 will pay $3.50-$6.50/day depending on age of parents. For self employed individuals these health plans are tax deductible. Contact your tax advisor to find out if you’re eligible.

I already have a group health plan, why do I need coverage?

An employer or association based health plan can be a great bonus, however in most cases the benefits are short lived and tied to your employment or membership in a particular association.

Medavie Blue Cross has created a product that is unique to the Canadian health insurance marketplace called “Assured Access”. This product allows you to be medically underwritten today for an individual health plan, which you can shelve until you lose your group plan.

My children are coming off of my group health plan after high school, do they have the option for coverage?

Every group health plan is unique, but generally speaking, children are allowed to stay on a parents group plan until the age of 25 as long as they are attending some form of post secondary schooling.

An Assured Access policy will secure your future as well as your children’s options for coverage.

Individual health plans are available to overage dependents without coverage now.

I have coverage with my credit card, is that enough?

Most credit cards have coverage limits, along with pre-existing condition clauses, that many people are unaware of and you may not actually be covered.